To make the installation easier for any retrofit projects, we went to the recognized industry leader since 1986. SignComp has dedicated itself to designing, engineering and developing an extensive product line of extruded aluminum profiles to deliver the widest range of options for the modern sign fabricator. It is very exciting to have our Pride Extrusion made by SignComp exclusively for us.


Founded in 2008, ZLight Technology is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of LEDs in a wide range of white, single color and color-changing solutions for signage and commercial lightings. Compared with traditional neon, fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lighting sources, LED lighting has offered unparalleled benefits of long life time, low maintenance cost, environmentally friendly, and high efficiency.

The company’s signage products consist of LED modules for channel letters, LED LinearBar for sign cabinets, and power transformers.

Consider leasing as an option, use this link to learn about options available.