The Pride Tech Solutions Commitment

At Pride we are not just selling signs, we are using the latest in digital technology to help our clients communicate their unique competitive advantages to those they serve. In doing this, our clients increase their influence and are able to do more of what they are called to do.

Back in 2015, we recognized the market trends toward EMC, the opportunity that those products offered to many different types of client; churches, schools, businesses, as well as civic organizations. There was a need for those clients that wanted to upgrade, but were concerned that they couldn’t afford an EMC. There are many options available in the marketplace, what we decided is that to be successful and meet the needs of end users, we needed to be different. So, we decided to adapt the Henry Ford business model philosophy – simple, limited product lines that are affordable, dependable and easy to use. Why carry a lot of options when a 10mm EMC offers so many options that benefit end users and is so affordable? We don’t have big stadiums with our products, but we do have a great fit for many small to medium size organizations that have limited funds and want people to know they are open,

We didn’t need to create a new wheel, we had to find partners that offered quality, dependable products and came from leaders in the industry. As a national distributor for these products, we are looking for a dealer network that understands the market, cares about doing right with their customer and wants to sell one of the best options on the market.

The manufacturer of the EMC products started in 2011. They produce outdoor LED display, indoor LED displays and continue to create new exciting products that will again alter the market opportunities. Their products can be found in over 60 countries! (Probably in big stadiums too!)

Plus, they have been tested and meet high quality standards.